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  • NEC Telemanagement and Call Accounting

    NEC Call Accounting

    NEC Compatible Solutions

    NEC Call TrackingNEC Telemanagement and Call Accounting Solutions

    >Metropolis is a Univerge Solutions Partner, and our solutions are compatible with all NEC platforms, including Univerge 3C, SL, Spherical Enterprise, and legacy systems. Metropolis solutions align with NEC's goals of providing flexible, scalable, and secure solutions that keep individuals connected with their business. Both ProfitWatch Call Accounting and OfficeWatch Telemanagement have been designed to meet compliance security standards, and are among the most reliable, stable call tracking and reporting solutions on the market.

    NEC Integration:

    • SL Series
    • SV9100
    • SV9300
    • SV9500
    • Univerge 3C
    • SV8100
    • SV8300
    • SV8500
    • Spherical Enterprise Softswitch
    • Spherical Media Gateways&Conferencing
    • Spherical Desktop

    OfficeWatch Telemanagement, along with NEC Unified Communication and Collaboration solutions, provides businesses data on the call patterns and traffic for the entire organization. This useful reporting tool enhances the NEC system to provide improved productivity, data, and performance with advanced fetures such as automated call reporting, threshold alarms, trunk analysis tools, and more.

    ProfitWatch Call Accounting makes it easy for NEC hospitality customers to build revenue with custom bill back settings that allow hospitality clients to run special rates and promotions to entice in room phone use. With seamless PBX and PMS system integration, ProfitWatch is ideal for any hospitality environment, from large resort, multi-site properties to small, bed and breakfasts.

    NEC Resources

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    Ph: 954.414.2900

    2455 E Sunrise Blvd
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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