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    Microsoft Call Accounting

    Microsoft Compatible Solutions

    Microsoft Call Tracking Microsoft Digital Workplace Analytics

    >Metropolis is a Microsoft Partner and its solutions empower analysts by consolidating data into one simple interface to report and audit UC modalities. With role-based web access and authentication, managers in every department have the reports needed to drive tactical and strategic business objectives to increase productivity, reduce expenses, mitigate risk, and drive change. Direct routing rates for any call costing needs and exceptional visibility of companies' digital workspace is the forte of Metropolis' solutions.

    Microsoft Integration:
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft Skype for Business

    XT Digital Workspace Analytics is an omnichannel and notification platform designed to help managers efficiently measure, monitor, and track and account for communications within their respective departments, divisions, branches, organizations, regions, or teams. XT supports multiple UC architectures, including premise and cloud (private, public, and hybrid) for centralized, enterprise-wide, and granular reporting from a single pane of glass.

    ProfitWatch Call Accounting applications provide hospitality customers the ability to harness the data contained from their Cisco UC Systems to bill back guest calling and generate additional profit. Powerful reporting applications, multi-site capacity, and toll fraud alarming allow ProfitWatch users to centralize their reporting, minimize expenses, and reduce liability across a single, or multiple property sites.

    Microsoft Resources:

    Azure Marketplace

    Microsoft AppSource

    Microsoft Resources

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    Ph: 954.414.2900

    2455 E Sunrise Blvd
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

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