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  • QLive being rapidly installed in hospitals all over the US

    Hospital Call Accounting

    In preparation for a possible Coronavirus pandemic, hospitals install QLive

    Fort Lauderdale, FL (February 27, 2020): Metropolis, a leader in tracking live calls and communication reporting is supporting healthcare organizations by implementing QLive software as an emergency contact center tool, to manage an unpredictable influx of calls in the imminent future.

    Due to the sustained increase in respiratory illnesses and in preparation for a Coronavirus (COVID 19) spread in the US, hospitals are improving their infrastructure, stocking up on protective gear and revamping their disaster recovery and contingency plans for a widespread virus outbreak. Besides working with authorities and personnel to make adjustments to their processes, hospitals across the country want to make sure they are able to handle a massive increase in incoming calls.

    A Metropolis spokesperson reports, "We are receiving urgent inquiries from hospitals and Cisco VAR's asking how quickly QLive can be implemented and tracking live high call volume to meet their rapid deployment timeline. We can't stress enough; these very situations are what QLive was built for. QLive is scalable, intuitive, cost-effective and can be installed in less than an hour."

    QLive enables healthcare centers and providers to:

    - Take advantage of Cisco's native queuing functionality without sacrificing monitoring and reporting analytics

    - Track live calls through their unified communication solutions and provide real-time stats on agent performance

    - Utilize their existing PBX and call routing structures to minimize lead time to production

    - Help maintain SLAs by offloading overflow calls to non-traditional agents

    - Quickly and efficiently meet lead times of one to two days instead of weeks or months like a traditional contact center solution

    - Replace or complement contact center solutions not meant for efficient scaling by repurposing employees, departments, and teams to meet immediate demands

    - Optimize and forecast their existing workforce when the time to implement a traditional workforce management solution is unrealistic

    - Monitor hunt pilot and native queue traffic and manage them with KPI alert notifications

    Furthermore, QLive can be a fit for any health care center or provider, large or small, as it is scalable and can also be installed as a seasonal or long-term solution.

    About Metropolis Corp:

    Metropolis Corp is a software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that develops telemanagement, call accounting, call reporting and call center / queue management solutions that help customers improve their voice network in the US and across the globe. To learn more about Metropolis, visit http://www.gniver.com.

    Additional Resources

    Contact Information

    Phone: 954.414.2900

    2455 E. Sunrise Blvd.
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

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